SXSW 2007

As it is now, we’ll be heading to SXSW this march. Hopefully we’ll have a nice flight, nothing compared to what happened last year… Read my sxsw 2006 entries here. Speakers list is here, schedule to be out later.


Recall from this entry i wrote the first day in Austin: I’ve met these folks who started a web based service where bloggers will be put in contact with publishers from traditional media (ie print medias) so that content from bloggers could be printed in your favorite newspaper next saturday. (the name of this service… Continue reading BlogBurst


Flight delayed. Nothing good when you miss your cats and really feel like being back home.

SXSW interactive closing, SXSW music opening

11h00 am. as the interactive part of the festival is ending today, music lovers are starting to show up all around the place creating quite of an eclectic mixture of genres. Geeks and nerds will slowly be replaced by colored hair and funky clothed people all around. I am pretty tired from last nite’s odeo-consummating-adaptive… Continue reading SXSW interactive closing, SXSW music opening

panel 6: Tagging 2.0

“Tagging 2.0” – is tagging (user-driven description of data on the Web) *THE* key element of “Web 2.0”? What new tools can help us organize an internet’s worth of information for our own use and to share with others? Tagging systems are taking off now, what are the issues for communities of users and for… Continue reading panel 6: Tagging 2.0

panel 5: Sink or Swim: The Five Most Important Startup Decisions

You’ve got a The Next Great Idea and three brilliant engineers who want nothing more to work insane schedules for a year. This panel will discuss the key decisions you’re going to face during your first year of existence that define the culture of your company. We’re not going to tell you how to get… Continue reading panel 5: Sink or Swim: The Five Most Important Startup Decisions

sxsw opening remarks podcast

Frustrated by the conventional “work-for-hire” model of the creative business, Jim Coudal of Coudal Partners and Jason Fried of 37signals have pushed their companies in a decidedly more entrepreneurial direction over the past two years. With the idea of taking a greater amount of control over the creative they produce, both firms have built products… Continue reading sxsw opening remarks podcast

panel 4: The Wisdom of Crowds

Hear the award-winning New Yorker columnist talk about the power of large groups (including on the Internet) to make remarkably intelligent decisions. The session will also cover the problems and challenges that large groups present. link to the website. Highly inspiring conference about how groups of people can be smarter than an individual, about the… Continue reading panel 4: The Wisdom of Crowds

Justin Hall’s presentation

I am so happy some other bloggers took notes from a conference i wasnt able to attend. Justin Hall presentation notes. flickr started out as an attempt to create a browser-based video game and has actually succeeded by creating a game out of reality in that people are organizing themselves aroud things that they otherwise… Continue reading Justin Hall’s presentation

Meet the idols

I just read that biz is leaving for austin tomorrow. I already wrote about biz on this blog, i’m a fan. He’s one of my idols since he’s been writing the first book i’ve read about blogs. I’ve read it twice. Clever and funny. I bet i’ll be nervous when he’ll be around. I guess… Continue reading Meet the idols

SXSW videoblogging

I’ll be able to catch people there, speakers, panelist or regular attendee – If there is a question you would like me to ask to anyone let me know, i’ll ask and videoblog the answer. Go. * Poète d’un soir. L’avion demain, chez moi je laisse : mes bottes, ma tuque, mes mitaines, mon manteau… Continue reading SXSW videoblogging

SXSW Videobloggers

Marie-Chantale, Congrats! You have been selected as one of the six Interactive videobloggers at this year’s event… Our CTO will be contacting you shortly with more information on picking up your phone etc. Looking forward to seeing your SXSW experience online! * Stay tuned for my coverage of the SXSW interactive festival on the following… Continue reading SXSW Videobloggers

SXSW oh soon!

I’ll be attending the upcoming SXSW festival along with Toine, Patrick and Dan from march 9th to 15th. I’ll start to post links to the events we plan to attend. If you would like me to blog specific content for your publication – blog or other – get in touch. Flickr,,, and… Continue reading SXSW oh soon!