Planet MySpace

“…turning MySpace into a global power could be far more complicated than marketing a movie overseas. While the company has 100 million registered users, most are in the United States. People outside the United States already have different habits about socializing online.” Online globalisation – MySpace wanna be everyone’s online space, from Japan to Germany… Continue reading Planet MySpace

CKOI le Web 2.0?

C’est épeurant de voir des sites comme avoir autant de support médiatique quand la plateforme est médiocre, offrant aux internautes de la junk qui est loin de l’esprit participatif du web 2.0. Parlez moi de wannabe Web 2.0, de gens qui créent des outils dit collaboratifs et une plateforme d’une pauvreté aberrante pour les… Continue reading CKOI le Web 2.0?

Newly found

Discovered this morning, Mark’s blog – We met while i was working on Proteus’s website last year, but it took time ’till i discovered this guy blog via a comment posted here. Wonderfull artwork out there… Hope you’ll join yulblog?

Friendster blogs…

are powered by typepad… * Friendster Launches Free Blogs Service Featuring Six Apart’s TypePad Software

Blogger: Post a Comment

Blogger finally drops it: how many time did i omit commenting on a blog because of Blogger requesting me to sign in? Now i am free as a bird. (via Biz Stone)

Comment feed subscription and feed sharing

Yeah. You can now subscribe to the comment feed of Vu d’ici by copypasting this link in your feed reader. (thx to the guy we thought we had lost last weekend for the help). And i now also share my feeds with you. So geek. Or true love.

Six Apart aquires LiveJournal

As expected, the big news was everywhere this morning: ‘Brad’s initial question — an expected one — was ‘why does Six Apart want to acquire Danga (LiveJournal)?’ The answer was simple: ‘Many of our weaknesses are LiveJournal’s strengths and many of LiveJournal’s weaknesses are our strengths.’ Read more: Mena’s corner

Why i love typepad

…because, my content is so well indexed, that somehow 50% of my visitors are coming from google. See for yourself – searching for these topics, i get listed in the fist 10 links: – iTune Canada – Datarock – Dumas, J’errre – Arthur Russell And these are just a few… Comme dirait Antoine, j’ai créé… Continue reading Why i love typepad now online

Typepad, the hosted weblogging service i am using, is now available in german. So it is now available in english, french, spanish and german. The french and german versions gives the user a 2 months free trial, not fair. I only got a 30 days free trial… Anyways.. here’s the link: * TypePad: Ihr Weblog-Service… Continue reading now online

Lucky Heiko

Lucky Heiko is going to join the typepad team. I’m pretty sure it will be a good fit. Best of luck!

Typepad vs

hm.. tout à propos de typepad m’enchante… bien fait, et surtout facile d’utilisation. Seule chose pour l’instant: même en selection français comme langue d’usage pour mon blog, les titres eux restent en anglais… aussi, impossible d’avoir accès à l’option de configuration d’ pourtant amazon .de et .jp et .com y sont listés.. hm…