The internet belongs to us

North american and european people are the biggest users of the internet, as you’ll see in the following animation tracking the use of Google over 24 hours.

Google traffic

It does remind me that, as much as live IN the internet, and IN the blogosphere, a big part of the inhabitants of my planet are doing something else.

Google traffic, via cc.


  1. Erm… Isn’t it possible that Internet users in other parts of the world are using other services besides Google?

  2. to say nothing of how densely populated those places are. Careful not to call them dark places of the earth, hmm?

  3. most of the inhabitants of our planet works on a sheer survival and that is something you can’t “google”… (even if you would have the means to have peace, electricity, computer, internet & google)
    when you live in north america it’s easy to overlook that about 4-5 billion people is really struggling and have only one thing on their minds, TO SURVIVE.

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