Montreal Vu d’ici Videocast #2! – 30mb file

Videocast #2
Click to play!

fun fun fun – 80mb of data in english, french and german in which you’ll see the following:

– Videocast #2 Intro by Chris, auf english und deutsch;
– St-laurent street by nite;
– Chris’s music video choice of the week: Ben Mono, Protection;
– try of a special video effect by Chris;
– meeting of Hexes and Oh’s in the elevator;
– Evening at La Chatte bottée, disco boots and moonwalking;
– m-c’s video choice: Wolf Parade, Modern World;
– Le Dépanneur, Mile End;
– More about the Mile End;
– Roadtrip and so on.

Get it here –, high quality available here.
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  1. salut, M-C !
    it might be a good idea when exporting to turn on the option “Prepare for internet streaming” in Quicktime. Then the movie would start playing while downloading it in a browser

  2. nevermind – it just dawned on me that you more than likely exported it for the Video iPod

  3. we are working on the fast loading thing, but its not working, we dont know why – but we’ll make it happen, its just a question of time.

  4. Was that Nika bumping her head into the lowing hanging light and do the Hexes and Ohs live in the same building as you???

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