Public Speaking and media appearances

Professional experience

  • Published work: Skirt! Magazine, The Huffingtsonpost, Ish Magazine, 1000 Artist Journal Pages, Cr@ate Online, Taxi Magazine, Goodie Bag Media, Fox River paper Agenda.
  • Founder, Creacamp (Montreal, 2007 – ) : events, conferences and workshops featuring the most creatives women run businesses and projects.
  • Founder and president of Meïdia Studio (Montreal, 2005 – ) : opened in 2005, Meïdia specialize in creating innovative concepts using new web technologies for clients like the National Film Board of Canada, MusiquePlus, Ubisoft, Cirque du Soleil, Radio-Canada, Astral Media Interactif.
  • Art director at Neomedia (Montreal, 2003-2005)
  • Art director at C-One Communications, Deepblue Networks (Hamburg, Germany, 2000-2003)

Writing experience

  • Co-auteure du livre Pourquoi bloguer dans un contexte d’affaires, aux éditions Quentin.
  • Self published First Thoughts on life, blogging, and the creative process (2007)

Event blogging and podcasting


    Meïdia Studio : A human run business i opened in 2003, Meïdia specialize in creating innovative concepts using new web technologies for clients like the National Film Board of Canada (NFB), MusiquePlus, Ubisoft, Cirque du Soleil, Radio-Canada, Astral Media Interactif.

    Creacamp : Creacamp is an event where womens meet to present their work and DIY projects, this with the goal to promote the talent, ideas and experiences of each, and to lay ground for sharing about our process. The event is made of short presentations made by womens only, but its open to anyone to assist.

    6×6 Collaborative collages (2006 – ) : using the power of an international online community, 6×6 brings people together to exchange material and create 6×6 inch collages using each other’s material. The results are for everyone rich in colors, textures, process and experiences!

    Blog : Online since march 2002, my blog is a multilingual blog & podcast about life, arts, technology and pop culture. It’s also a sketchbook, a personal collage of pictures, daily thoughts, ideas and observations – an audio and video magazine growing online through my travels and projects.

    Guerilla Inspiration Postcards : A project inspired by the need to wake people up using guerilla street art, each of the postcards hold uplifting slogans to challenge and infuse a whole neighborhood. They can be used as guerilla art messages to be pinned on boards, left on car windows, in public spaces, sent by post, used as reminder, given framed as gifts, and so on. Sets of cards can be seen/bought on my shop.


  • Atelier Thandenstrasse, Hamburg, Germany


Voir - Press

Spin Magazin

Spin Magazine - Press

The Gazette

The Gazette - Press

Elle Canada

Elle Canada Music section - Pod stars

Ish Magazine (Asia)

Ish Interview p1
Ish Interview p2Ish Interview p3
Ish Interview p4Ish Interview
Read it: page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4.

Montreal Metro

Journal Metro

Huffington Post


Styles de vie (La Presse)

La presse, Styles de vie

Strut Magazin

Strut magazin

Journal Le Soleil

Journal Le Soleil

Sketchbook Magazin

Sketchbook Magazin



Le Point, Radio-Canada

Reportage télé

Entrevue chez Yulbuzz

(06.2007, french)

Esprit Libre, Canal Vox

Reportage télé

Panels pictures

IETM Montréal
Le Web de demain : un espace de communication, un outil de création

Journal Les Affaires

Journal Les Affaires


Press: Urbania

Actuelités (La Presse)


Montreal Mirror

The Mirror

CBC radio3

CBC Radio3

National Post

The National Post

La Presse

La presse

La Presse

La presse Affaires

The Gazette

The Gazette

Clin d’oeil

Clin d'oeil



Le Devoir, Josée Blanchette

“Téléchargé: des podcasts du blogue «Vu d’ici» ( sur mon iPod nano. 64 podcasts musicaux à votre disposition concoctés par cette artiste montréalaise très branchée musicalement. M.-C. revenait du FIMAV (de Victo) cette semaine et nous raconte tout en plus de nous le faire entendre. Les dons sont acceptés, mais en attendant, c’est la passion partagée gratuitement. Découvert: Antony and the Johnsons (I Am A Bird Now). Une voix androgyne à la Klaus Nomi (découverte par David Bowie), des textes poignants; on peut écouter son dernier disque sur le site De l’authentique musique adulescente. “

Interview at CBC Sounds like Canada

Audio, click here to listen (available as mp3 format)

Lien Multimédia

Lien Multimédia

Co-auteure de Pourquoi Bloguer
Co-authoring of Why Blogging

Macadam Tribu

Macadam Tribu

La Presse

La Presse

Journal ICI

Creacamp dans le ICI

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