Tarot journaling

Yes, Tarot journaling is a thing! If you are into Tarot card reading and you want to track which cards appear over and over again in your readings, then the best way to do this is keeping a Tarot journal. It is like a blog but specific for Tarot / Oracle / Lenormand card readings.… Continue reading Tarot journaling

New frames, from Res/Rei!


Quel magnifique exemple de tenacité et de courage venant du Québec aujourd’hui! Non au nucléaire, à l’amiante, aux gaz de schistes, et à l’étât policier instauré par la loi 78 du partis libéral. L’espoir. Espoir que le changement viendra de chaque parcelle de pays indépendant sur cette planète, de chaqun de nos esprit qui s’éveille… Continue reading Debout


Ce à quoi ressemble ma vie ces jours ci : . reprise des leçons de piano que j’avais entamées avec Mel en 2003 . mes débuts dans la confection de bijoux (images à venir) . mes retours à l’illustration . de longues marches en montagnes dans mon coins du Luberon . des visites à Marseille… Continue reading 2012

Releasing fire

Our solstice ceremony was quiet, with me and C ready to give back to the earth what we do not want or need anymore. We burned our little release bundles, just us 2, the moon and the stars. It felt good. As you can see, our part of the world doesn’t exactly look like the… Continue reading Releasing fire


Le 22 décembre prochain soulignera le solstice d’hiver, soit la plus courte journée de l’année (ou la nuit la plus longue!) — un moment important avant de débuter 2012, et se défaire de tout ce qui ne nous sert plus : peurs, limitations, croyances, résistances, douleurs, obstacles, souvenirs. La cérémonie a pour nom Mother of… Continue reading Solstice


End of august, here is september already. What does september mean to you? Since i grew up in the northern hemisphere, with 4 seasons clearly defined by weather changes, september is for me a palette of orange-yellowish colors and shades. September means crisp morning air, blue sky, low sunlight and beautiful colors with the tree… Continue reading Hello!


I love our ground, and I can’t seem to stop finding new angles of beauty among the olive trees and wild flowers. The sunlight is just perfect, giving each hour of the day a new shade, and i must stop myself from using all my Polaroid film at once! This said, if you feel generous… Continue reading rose

Les vacances

Les vacances sont officiellement commencées. Après l’été dernier passé à Paris, je me suis dis que pour l’été 2011, je célèbrerais l’été comme le font les français, quittant tout pour un mois complet, 4 semaines de vacances. Du temps pour jouer dehors, cuisiner, manger, célébrer, profiter lentement de l’été.

‘Roid week, day 4

I almost feel like hurting myself for missing day one of this polaroid week. Here are 2 snapshots taken earlier today, hope you are having a great week!

‘Roid week, day 3

Ok i missed monday. Mondays are always a day where i try to catch on, and slowly start engines… Never a productive day, it feels like i’m just half there. So today is day 3 of Polaroid week, here are 2 pictures snapped today.

October 2010

Autumn is there for – hot yogi tea – outside walks on warm and some chilly days – crochet projects getting started – movie nights – and this little new sticks project witch i find really wonderful! Hope you are having a nice start with october!

Free shipping on my postcards

Until feb. 26th, or until supplies last, all my postcards are sent free of shipping charges in north america. Get yours via etsy or supermarket, or message me with the content of the titles you wish to order!

Ish interview

Read it: page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4. More press can be found here.

Did you get yours?

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