Loobylu’s return

It is still not monday yet, but i’m happy to be blogging about the comeback of Loobylu in the blogging world!

For those of you who have no clue about her, Loobylu was one of the first links in my blogroll (circa 2002) when i started blogging from Germany, where i lived at that time. A daily read for many people, Loobylu was a personal journal read by many souls, including me, before her last entry in february of last year.

As i mentioned last week, i am now immensely craving for honest blogs, personal creative spaces communicating and sharing meaningful information, something more sustaining than reading blogs which are only meant about-or-for marketing purposes.

This return is also interesting in a way – it its the third blogger comeback in a month amongst bloggers which have decided to quit blogging over the last 2 years.

In all, Lobbylu’s return will make my week!


  1. i agree with you completely about honest, non-marketing-directed blogs. i recently spent an hour cleaning out my Bloglines, trying to focus what i look at daily toward my goals for my own work.

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