Videocast #7: The List

Vu d'ici - Seen from here Videocast #7: The List

Videocast #7 was recorded on our way back to Montreal from Ottawa on sunday – with no cd’s to play in the car, meaning we had to scan through radio chanels for about 2 hours, rediscovering music we thought should not be playing on radio anymore.

Here is our list of songs which should just not be played anymore – once for all.

Get the .mov here, mp4 here.

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  1. lol, j’ai dit ‘Level 40’ comme dans ‘Level 42’ un autre groupe déchu des années 80

  2. Chris… I dont know who suggested you about your shirt… but… you are not very well placed to make a critic of songs to delete with this shirt! I’m almost blind!

  3. Finalement, vous auriez seulement dû dire de ne pas écouter CHOM FM.

  4. Good videocast, guys, thanks for the laughs.

    No song should play more than twice per day on any given station. CKOI, CKMF et al are pure torture to listen to on a work shift when you can’t control the radio. Oh, and BTW, tu es particulierement jolie sur la photo, MC.

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