Vu d’ici – Seen from here VideoCast

A collage of my audio and video podcasts, this vlog combines music video and still images of the last 4 weeks. Filmed around Montreal and north of Quebec.

Vu d'ici - Seen from here VideoCast

Get the high quality version here (120mb)
Get the low quality version here (70mb)

Content as follow:
Plan B
Advertising (do not skip!)
Montreal Jacques Cartier bridge
Montreal Mile end
Quebec city
Thunder and lightning
Tourists interaction
Do I look good?
Montreal Mont-Royal Street
CSS video


  1. very nice mix. i like the different parts, it’s not just a video of 10-15 minutes in one place, there’s more stuff, that’s great.

    bailledewé, beirut le 7 octobre au national. matmos le 10. i am soooo excited. beirut. still can’t believe it. i’ll be the first up there. and i think i’ll probably cry if he sings “postcards from italy”.

  2. j’ai bien hâte de le visionner. Mais me semble que c’est un gros fichier non? Mon besoin de satisfaction instantané n’est pas assouvie 😉 Ca load pas vite. Merci!

  3. ah! prochaine fois le video sera plus court et léger. Tu sais pas ce que tu manque! 😛

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