Mutek @ Guggenheim

Here is our material from the may 5th First Fridays event where Montreal based Akufen and Luci have been performing. The event in collaboration with Mutek was a success with the Guggenheim transforming itself into a sumptuous white dance hall. No need to say this evening was filled with magic – we could not have asked for more for this first going out in the city.

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Mutek @ Guggenheim Mutek @ Guggenheim Mutek @ Guggenheim Chris @ Guggenheim emcee @ Guggenheim

Videos, click to play:
10h00 – Intro

10h20 – In the Guggenheim

10h45 – The djs

11h45 – Luci

1 am – After party

Version française sur le blogue de;
Chris’s posts on the event;
Flavorpill’s Firstfridays.

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