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Stars of the web

Chris is developping a project called Stars of the web. I’ve been one of the beta tester (see this post, i also started to use it on myspace to comment like here) and the project is now open to anyone interested in trying it out.

Basically, it gives the opportunity to anyone who has a webcam to do some video blogging, without needing a blog platform or server space to put the video on. Registered user can record 3 minutes vids, non registered user can record short shout out vids.

The site is free and as i said, beta, so any feedback will be much appreciated.

Check it out here.

What is Stars of the web?

Stars of the web is a “push-button” video production and publishing platform. You only need a webcam or a built-in cam, a web-browser (Firefox, Safari, IE) and Macromedia Flash plugin (v7 at least). Fulfilling these requirements you can record and publish a video from within your web-browser. There is no need to install any software to use the Video Blog Recorder.

The target.

My main target is to create an active community of open-minded people who love video and film and who wants to produce, publish and experiment with new possibilities of online video blogging.

The features. offers you the possibility to record a video and include it into your blog (code snippet) or you could join a show called “Video Animation” where I am asking questions to the audience, which should be answered by using the Video Blog Recorder.

I have much more ideas what could be done, but before that I need people using the platform and giving me creative input (features), support as well as criticism. And yes, Stars-of-the-Web is free of charge and it is possible to record anonymously or as a registered user. The only difference of these two usage models is the recording time.



Chris développe le projet Stars of the web. J’ai pu tester la plateforme (voir ce post) et il est maintenant offert à tout les intéressés de se rendre sur le site pour y enregistrer leur vidéos.

En gros, le site donne la chance à tout les gens qui possèdent une webcam de faire du vidéo blogging sans avoir à se soucier de storer les fichiers sur un serveur. Rien à installer, il suffit d’enregistrer le vidéo une fois rendu sur le site. Les usagés inscrits peuvent enregistrer des vidéos de 3 minutes, les autres pourront enregistrer des vidéos de courte durée.

Le site est gratuit et béta, les commentaires sont donc bienvenus.

Visitez le site ici.


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