Why worry about money

Why worry about money, a mail to m-c from mel.

This is a email i got from my friend mel, after that she received a mail from me where I was writing about all the money issues i had when i left my job and all the anxiety that came with that choice (which was the right choice 😉
(…) Why should we worry for some ugly papers, which are not even looking nice, full of bacteria and (other things), well, what could happen to you tomorrow if you would not have any money anymore?

1-you will not die
2-you will just eat less, but your friends will invite you and then you will meet new people
3-you will not have money to spend in shopping so you wont event think about it
4-no money for the train and the bus, so you stay at home and work, and you take walks which is healthier for you
5-the only problem is for the rent, so in the worst case you take a job at the “gutentagfraulen” for 18hrs per week, without any responsibility, so, without stress. As nobody is shopping there anyway, you have time to read all the nice magazines (I know they are all mostly in German, but its good practice for you).
In the worse case, you will clean dishes in a restaurant.

Do you know that thelonious monk was one of the greatest jazz piano player? when he was young, he had no money because he was always playing piano. He took a job in a restaurant to clean the dishes and every night, while cleaning the dishes, he had the chance to hear all the greatest musicians playing in this small restaurant. From that, he developed his own style in mixing all these styles.

So, if one day you are paid to clean dishes, tell yourself that if he did it, you can also do it!

You can not die from not having money, try to think magic, it will help. Anxiety is just keeping bad energies in you. Anyway, don’t think of next month, you will see next month what happen. You can never know what can life bring to you, do not let this human invention (money), responsible of all tragedies on earth, stopping your creative energy. (…)

I let you on what a 5 years old little boy told me yesterday,
“money is not good for people’s health”