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My Wordbook
From time to time, I like to study the meaning that some words have for me and to refresh some old values. I realize now how some words got such a negative meaning to me and I need to “clear off the closet” of old patterns to bring in new, sunny, positive meanings to them. This way is born my wordbook. I update it from time to time, adding my new definitions of common used words (new definitions are marked with a * ), also collecting definitions given by other inspiring people.

I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

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To be an artist is often to give yourself permission to do things which you think are not allowed. Get inspired from people around you, share, make “mistakes”, look at what are others peoples doing, do something even if you don’t have the perfect skills to do it (if its fun for you!). But most of all, don’t judge yourself, the only “mistake” you can do is to judge yourself!

* “Being an artist is more than putting oil on a canvas eight hours a day, it’s a way of life. Sitting at the coffee shop or walking down the street, I notice shadows, shapes, and nuances of colors. Seeing and being aware is 80 percent of my work. Only 20 percent is painting in the studio.” Taken from an interview with Erin Robbins, artist, in Yoga journal, October 2002.

Compromise, concession
Something that we do by choice, a agreement with ourselves to do one thing instead of another, because we know that we will be happier this way.

about creativity…
* “Indigenous peoples are close to their intrinsic creativity – everyone participates in community dance, clothes making, drumming, food preparation, creating sacred space. In these societies, even though some people are more gifted at certain things, no one is labeled an ‘artist’ because everyone makes art”. Taken from an interview with Matthew Fox in Yoga journal, October 2002.

“…I think the word original for me means maybe if you truly go by how you feel and don’t compromise. Or if you find a way to make that work with the world around you – I think that usually ends up being pretty original.” (Taken from a interview with Bjork)

Trial and error
Satisfaction of one’s curiosity which brings us to realize what fits to us or not, which brings us a new point of view, and a positive change in our situation (exploration <-> evolution). There are no “mistakes” in a negative way, there is only satisfaction of a quest with new perceptions on ourselves and on the world around us. Whatever if we are satisfied or not of the “result”, we are always wining something. As Sark wrote in her book Succulent Wild Woman, “creative exploration will always result in mistakes, and if we fear those, we risk paralysis and numb (…)”

A positive, sunny word. Something that we do by choice which brings us financial reward, fun and satisfaction, which give us the feeling that we are doing the right thing. Something energizing instead of exhausting, done in honest and satisfying relationships with other people.