Berlin Videoblog #7

Last vid of a series taken in Berlin. Its called misc: the shoe store in Hamburg, view of hamburg, Helium Cowboy vernissage, Berlin tram, Beirut, the internet machine, m-c and the mirror machine, berlin coffee, smile machine expo, the train the train the train… postdamerplatz. Picture album of my trip in Berlin can be found… Continue reading Berlin Videoblog #7

Berlin Videoblog #2

Second of a series of vids taken in Berlin. Here i’m into the Rosentalerplatz train station surrounded by thousands of graffitis. Picture album of my trip in Berlin can be found here.

Reminder: Mtl video blogger meetup

Reminder from Brett: Next Tuesday, January 17th, at Laika, 4040 St. Laurent. Hello All! Please join us for the second monthly meetup of Movl – the Montreal Videobloggers group! Like our last meeting, its a call for artists, filmmakers, activist, geeks, superstars and casually interested hipsters to come by and discuss/participate in the emerging videoblogging… Continue reading Reminder: Mtl video blogger meetup

TV is out too

Hey kids, TV is definitely out. Four Eyed Monsters is one of my favorite vlog – i honestly much prefer watching these guy than turning my cable TV on. What’s wrong? Blogging gave written medias the worse headaches ever (circa 2002-2003). Podcasting made us realize how commercial radio is poor, and that there is a… Continue reading TV is out too

movl – Montreal Video bloggers

Montreal Vlogger site is born: Next meeting taking place at Laika on St-Laurent, jan 17th 19h. Their projector can be used if needed. La prochaine rencontre vlogging est le janvier 17, 19:00 – Laika 4040 St. Laurent (coin Duluth). Leur projecteur est disponible au besoin. I shall be there.


This is what happen when you cant, but need to, talk. Stuck on a bus ride that never end: Vlog #4.

Vlog #2: Time spent

From time spent having a drink at laika to the swiming pool last weekend – life snippets for those who have time to loose. * vlog#2

The flickr of Video

Daily Motion has been compared as the ‘flickr of video’ : Dailymotion is an open platform dedicated to home-made videos. Publish your videos, watch other’s ones, comment, answer, CREATE I still hope for flickr to get into video.

Into video blogging

We’ve got blogs – evolutive online spaces that give anyone skilled enough the chance to post thoughts and ideas online and receive feedback; then podcasting, or audio blogs – for anyone skilled enough, the chance to post thoughts and ideas online as an audio document that could be listened to by anyone at anytime from… Continue reading Into video blogging