Thoughts on aging, strongly, beautifully


“These days, the journey looks no less precarious: laying down my sword, while knowing exactly where it is and how to swing it, it means learning more about what’s really going on out there, and taking appropriate action. It means no time for pussyfooting around. It feels like trusting deeply that I belong, and having a responsibility to those who don’t know they do yet.

The forties are a paradox. The luxury of innocence lies behind, and the wisdom to step up and be accountable lies ahead. The laughter has increased, thankfully, and so have my support systems. Though I’m two years in, I find myself lingering on the bridge, still curling my fingers around the young woman I was, asking again for her gifts and messages, for her brightness to emblazon across my chest.”

– Via My Forties: It’s a Good Thing I Like Crows | Pixie Campbell.