Caterina Fake on Cnet

(…) I think that a lot of what you see out on the Web and on the Internet and what made me love the Web in the first place is that people are building, creating, sharing things all the time. Whether that is essays they wrote, discographies of their favorite bands or a little place to hang out with friends in Second Life. The Internet is such a wonderful place because of so many millions of people contributing to it.

Q: “At South by Southwest Bruce Sterling was very down on blogs, podcasting, videos and other participatory media, comparing it to folk art which he said was really, really bad. Is it the taking part and the sharing that counts or are we raising the bar with user-generated content?”

It used to be when you wanted to hear music, you didn’t go turn on the radio and listen to Christina Aguilera. You went down to the living room and grabbed cousin Joe and played the banjo.

There’s nobody trying to be The Rolling Stones down there, or even Whitesnake. The “audience” for this stuff is usually friends, family, people like that. It’s not meant to be judged by, ahem, Whitesnake standards. So I’d have to disagree with Bruce Sterling there. On the other hand, there are gems in all those family snapshots and MP3s of people noodling in their basements. And social networks are great ways of surfacing those really amazing things.

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