Rolling Stone: The Rise of the Video Blog

(…) while the vast majority are essentially home videos glorifying children, hobbies and pets, vlogs are beginning to infiltrate the mainstream media, part of the increasingly seismic shift in the way we get our news and entertainment.

“It’s because of cheap, ubiquitous, available technology and cheap, ubiquitous, available broadband,” explains Derek Gordon of, a Web-site tracker. “The average person has such effortless access to low-cost tools that they’re able to do these things that only mainstream media were able to do in the past.”


And with technology getting cheaper, and the mainstream media jumping in, the proliferation of vlogs could transform the Net into a kind of limitless cable system. “The Web is this great democratizing force, so that everyone can be a publisher and a television producer,” says Landman. “Name it, and you can be it. That’s the world we live in.”

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