10 reasons to blog

I started this list around 2004, 4 years after publishing my first blog post. I thought this entry would be needed so to explain to people and clients why i was blogging, but i realized that this list was important for me in the first place,  to further understand why i was so attracted to blogging, to sharing my heart out loud with my online community, with the virtual world wide web.

Why am i so attracted to this form of expression, how does it improve in my life, and how does it serves my creativity? Skipping it or keeping it out of my schedule quickly makes me feel like something is missing, almost miserable.

Blogging gives me a voice, a place to order and share all introspective pieces that i feel like sharing with the world.

So here it is. A short list of 10 reasons why i like to hit the publish button. Feel free to add your ideas to it. This might just be the start.

Blogging is a form of expression, as any other art. I think Martha Graham’s quote is describing pretty well what i think blogging is about:

“..There is a vitality, a life-force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to deternine how good it is nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions…”

* * *

1- Letting the world know about you
Imagine each and every folks in urban centers manifesting themselves by saying out loud: “I am here! This is me, what i think-feel-ate today-did-saw-thought”. This is somehow similar to what blogging is – it allows us to manifest ourself and take a place in the (virtual) world, bringing us a little step away from being perfect strangers to one another.

Some might see blogs as a result of mild exhibitionism, or even, being only written by ego-centered people. I say, blogging is a good way to forge a voice of your own and let the collective knowledge travel around the web, with some of your ideas and personality added to it.

2- Feeling heard (and sometimes understood)
Having people visiting and commenting my blog in an intelligent manner is one of the greatest reward for me, the author and human bean behind this blog. I feel heard and understood by many folks out there. Many people are writing me to express how they do appreciate my sharing about life and how it help them figure out their own way. You guys rock. Maintaining a blog with no one visiting or commenting would be sad as a clown doing a show with no one watching. Virtual interactions and site stats is mostly what keep bloggers alive and kicking.

3- What you think is what you get
Sharing your true self (well, who you really are) with the virtual community is fundamental about blogging. Like in a relationship, the more of yourself you invest in your blog, the better it will get.Who you are, what you think, like, dislike, listen to, read, places and websites you like – all this tell us a bit more about you each day. Bloggers are curious people, in case you didn’t already figured out. For me blogging was a new way to express myself, communicate and share ideas. It somehow helps keep my sanity, as strange as this might sound. Maybe it’s all about categorizing thoughts and getting things clearly written down that makes me feel that way.

4- Meeting people isn’t so easy
As much as i do like Radiohead, i do have to disagree with their saying Meeting people is easy. Meeting people is everything but not easy these days, as we may all suffer from isolation at one time or another. Having a blog might help to find people who have similar interest as you – this means to create something we used to call “community”- folks connected one to another by similar interest. Blogging is an essential tool to build virtual communities which often end up in get together like events where people meet face2face. Beside that, blogging help you keep in touch with family and friends who can check out what you are up to these days. Wouldn’t you like your mom to call and ask about this new guy/girl you are dating?

‘With the raw materials in my blog, my mom could actually construct an accurate picture of who I am. This is fucking serious.’
– The Onion

5- Getting to know yourself (and see your own life with a different perspective)
The outside world doesn’t hold the answer about who you actually are. It is through reaction to events and what surrounds you that you get to know yourself – who you truly are. While reading about other people’s lifes, on superficial or deeper levels, you can catch a glimpse of how is life for them, and then see your own life with a different perspective. This said, blogging is also about getting to discover yourself while discovering about other people’s life.

6- Deepening our understanding of human nature (oh yeah, don’t we need that?)
Does this really need to be explained here? Like people watching, reading blogs give you a good overview of how it is to be a human these days and how all our lifes are deeply connected and similar. (Caution here: people lightly unfulfilled by their day job might end up caught into obsessive blog reading on job time. At the moment i am writing these lines there aren’t still any known therapy for this addiction).

7- If only you knew what you might find
Reading about other people’s lifes and interest got me to expand my horizons and discover new things.This said, in the last months, i have read about kniting, book binding, new music bands. I have discovered new authors, artists, places to visit, how it is to live in montreal from an expat point of view, and have seen wonderful places via photoblogs. All this via my favortie blog reading list.

8- Access to not filtered sources of information
Reading different blogs, i can get access to information which wouldn’t be accessible via the average media sources. This is a topic in itself, but you are the only judge about what’s good information on the net and what’s not.

9- Sharing and collecting information
Through blogging, you can share a lot of information about your passions. Your favorite bands, movies, authors, or business related information. I do keep listed my fav bands and related links. Same goes for artist, designers and authors i like.Keeping all my blog archives, i can think of the day where next generations could be able to read my blog as a memoire… if i do archive everything properly of course… lazy me.

10- A hope for blogging to make us better people
Blogging is about sharing thoughts and ideas by writing daily/weekly or monthly on a webspace accessible online. Writing about things that matters to you will likely force you to question yourself and express feelings and thoughts as clearly as possible to the outside world. Thus, this can just result as you, being a better communicator -and hopefully- blogging will make us better people.

Be wild, be open minded, but before all, just be who you are.

2004 , M-C Turgeon.

* * *

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