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These were done at different times of my life, mostly in periods of reflexion and big changes. I hope they can serve as helper for the dear ones going through a similar path as mine. Enjoy!

Comics & Tipsheets

Tiptoeing trough life - how tip sheets changed my life

- 10 reasons why blogging is good for you
- The joys of being unemployed
- Bloom where you are planted
- When things are falling apart
- 3 Steps to a Sustainable Lifestyle
- The full moon and its effect on my creative process
- Achieving a feeling of security
- Aromatherapy in 2 steps
- 4 things that can make your life easier
- Live out loud
- Traveling Reality
- Self knowledge
- Air traveling survival kit

10 reasons why blogging is good for you
I started this list a while ago, not really to explain to others why i was blogging, but more for myself to understand, why the hell i was blogging. What does it had to do in my life, why it caught my attention and why it quickly became an habit - even skipping a day or two could make me feel that something was missing.
So here it is. A short list of the reasons why i think blogging is good and why i think everyone should get to press the publish button. Feel free to add your ideas to it. This might just be the start. Read it here

The joys of being unemployed
I actually found this comic in my sketchbook a year after i had made it. I've done it while i was in a difficult life situation, looking for a new place to live as well as a new job. How to turn a problem into something more enjoyable? See for yourself!

Bloom where you are planted
This comic is about enjoying your here and now - about accepting life as it is instead of trying to control everything. Recognize the good things in your life, see what is the essence of what you wish you could have and trust that it will come if it is for your highest good - everything is about trust and loving what you are and where you are right now.

When things are falling apart...
We all happen to have these times in our lifes where we have to go through situations who seems to be bigger than what we can handle. This comic is meant to help people go through periods of changes and transition by suggesting small steps that can help to make the best out of difficult times.

3 Steps to a Sustainable Lifestyle
Sustainability is a term which is often applied to business, but I do believe that as an individual, entrepreneur or not, we can all in our own way create a sustainable lifestyle in our day to day life. I have made this document with care and passion, with the hope that it could be of a help, so feel free to print it out, share it and use it as you want!

Downlaod: 3 Steps to a sustainable lifestyle (2 pages pdf - 600kb)

The full moon and its effect on my creative process
How does your body react to the full moon? I discovered that for me, on full moon nights, my mind just speed up, ideas are coming from everywhere and my creativity seems to get to a peak. As an artist, i find it really valuable now to follow these cycles since it gives me a boost of creative energy.

Achieving a feeling of security
This comic is about courage, self confidence and how to achieve a feeling of security - things that come often in my mind these days. I illustrate here a process which i have developed and used for myself lately, i hope it can light up something in your mind!
*Will be published in Skirt! magazine

Aromatherapy in 2 steps
Aromatherapy is something i discovered lately, and totally enjoy these new smells in my work place! And it's also one more good reason to light a candle...
*Will be published in Skirt! magazine

4 things that can make your life easier
I believe that, in order to be happy, we must try to do at least one thing that satifies us each day. This comic let you know some of the things that make me feel happy of my day, wathever happen...
*Will be published in Skirt! magazine

Live out loud
A page took out of my sketchbook, a piece for myself about how i should behave and stop taking everything so seriously. See if it fits to you... ;)
*Was published in Skirt! magazine - issue of June 2003

Traveling Reality
Comic made while on a solo trip to holland, whew!.

Self knowledge
A piece I've made about self knowledge. "I see self-knowledge as a house which i discover a bit more everyday. Some rooms are huge, full of sunlight, clean, quiet, relaxing, healing, smooth, nice and easy to live in. Some other rooms are tiny, without any window, no lightning, nothing inspiring in there. Too small, too dark, too... hm, just not comfortable to be in." Read more about the piece here.
*Will be published in Skirt! magazine

Air traveling survival kit
As i am traveling more often, i have prepared this list to help me remind small things to bring with me. Believe me, these small things can change a lot in a 12 hours flight...
*Will be published in Skirt! magazine